Merel Heering

Dance dramaturgy, facilitation & alignment coaching

Merel Heering

Dance dramaturgy, facilitation & alignment coaching

Dramaturgical Advice

Dramaturgy is a multi-layered and collaborative practice, and a very personal one. Each dramaturge has their own take on it. It includes finding language together to talk about creative practice. It includes reflection on the structure, the rhythm, the content, the form, the politics and the attention span of a creation. Questioning a work and a working process is as much part of the practice as supporting, positioning and contextualizing it. 

Dramaturgy to me is very much a social practice. It is about understanding how to be in dialogue and how to work together, as much as it is about the work.

That is why I practice dramaturgy as facilitation, as the art of conversation. I hold space for the team to share their perspectives on the work and the process. I offer frameworks, questions, tasks and formats for conversation in order to guide a team’s joined search for the desired outcome, taking into account the different roles, embodied experiences, (social) hierarchies and world views that come into play here. I do not make decisions. Instead, I create awareness around how decisions are being made by or within the team.

Illustrations: Marie Gourdain

I consider it my job to support you in finding your voice, as well as to practice awareness around the fact that your voice -as well as mine- is only one in a choir of voices and perspectives that make up our world.

What part(s) of yourself do you want to have acknowledged and bring to the world?

I invite you to articulate the positionality and worldview from which you create and practice choice making. I coach you in enhancing your artistic vision and personal leadership style. I contribute to the alignment of your modes of operation with the (ethics of the) subject you are addressing within your creation.

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