Merel Heering

Dance dramaturgy, facilitation & alignment coaching

Merel Heering

Dance dramaturgy, facilitation & alignment coaching

Previous Projects

Social Justice & diversity in the Arts

In season 20/21, I supported consultant Mavis Carrilho in her role as quartermaster at the Amsterdam School for the Arts (AHK). The aim was to develop an advice on the desired content, framework and direction for the recently established Social Justice and Diversity in the Arts research group. In order to develop a realistic and profound advice, we went into dialogue with around 130 arts professionals, from both inside and outside the school and from all disciplines, roles, backgrounds, identities and levels of experience. Their needs, concerns, questions and challenges around the theme of social justice in the arts created the foundation for our advice to the AHK with regards to the desired focus of the research group as well as for the profile used to find the right candidates for directing the research group.  

SWOP festival 2022, Aaben Dans.
Photo: Ditte Valente

Associate dramaturge for Théâtre Sévelin 36

I am the associate dramaturge for Théâtre Sévelin 36 in Lausanne, Switzerland. I curate and lead an annual exchange of practices between Swiss dance dramaturges involved in the Danse & Dramaturgie talent development programme. This exchange leads up to the annual Day on Dramaturgy: a day I initiated in collaboration with Théâtre Sévelin 36 to develop and strengthen the dramaturgy community involved in dance projects in Switzerland. 

The Day on Dramaturgt is a precious moment of gathering for the Swiss dance scene, where artists, dramaturges, directors and venue staff of the six dance houses involved sit on the same dance mat for a day and work together on urgent themes. This year’s session is focussed on “Practicing Positionality”. I am joined by colleague-dramaturges Selina Beghetto (independent, dramaturg of D&D CH, Luzern), Simon Froehling
(Tanzhaus Zürich), Katharina Germo (ROXY Birsfelden), Adina Secrétan (independent dramaturge and artist, Lausanne).

The first edition was titled “Feeling deeply as an act of resistance”. On the website of Théâtre Sévelin 36 you can read and see more about the event and watch the video report made of that day. 

“Often an undermined skill in, our  formal, societies and work contexts, Merel has, throughout her practice, made the act of feeling deeply a strong tool of comprehension, learning, and also of sharing knowledge. A sensitive approach inspired by dance knowledge, where the body is always at stake.”

Valérie Niederoest, Théâtre Sévelin 36

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Team facilitation Tanzhaus Zürich

Team facilitation Homo Novus Festival

Guest speaker 

Photo: Sara Lando

Communicating Dance

I took part in the European project
Communicating Dance. This project aimed to bridge a gap identified transnationally in the ability of dance artists and makers at all stages of their careers to communicate their work effectively beyond the medium of movement to a wide range of stakeholders. As a writer I contributed to the open source tool Think / Use / Play.

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Feedback training

Guest teacher

Facilitator at SPRING Performing Arts Festival

Photo: Choreographic Research Week, B Motion festival 2018


I am affiliated with X_YUSUF_BOSS, a platform for the creation of interdisciplinary work initiated by choreographer Mohamed Yusuf Boss in Groningen. I function as a sounding board for Mohamed and team, supporting their quest for creating an ethically just working culture in the organisation, as well as aligning vision and actions in their creations.

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Photo: Niels Knelis

Organizational therapy: tools for change, care and joy

Masterclass Difficult Conversations

ACT - Art, Climate, Transition

Photo: Summerlab “The Magical Peatlands”, New Theatre Institute, Latvia.

PACE+ Dramaturgical Lab

B-Motion festival

I have an ongoing dialogue with B Motion festival in Italy, where I annualy facilitate exchanges around artistic practices in collaboration with multidisciplinary artist Tyrone Isaac-Stuart. In addition, I facilitate morning sessions, for an international network of dance professionals world wide. These encounters evolve around topics such as engagement, spirituality, health and conflict and always combine physical practice and dialogue. These morning sessions are developed in ongoing dialogue with Roberto Casarotto (artistic director & dance activist), Monica Gilette (dance dramaturge) and Tyrone Isaac-Stuart (sound & movement artist).

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CROWD - an international dance exchange program

Samovar Circles - creating new international realities

Coaching independent artists, dramaturges and arts professionals

The arts professionals I am currently in dialogue with around their practice include Jija Sohn, Jiaxin Chen, Olympia Kotopoulos, Wennah Wilkers, Liam McCall, Alesya Dobysh, Peerke Malschaert, Erika Silgoner and Rene Geerlings (MAAS).

Arts professionals I have been in dialogue with around their practice over the last years include Amira al Rawi, Connor Schumacher (ARK), Ingrid Berger Myhre, Ashley Ho & Domenik Naue, Ian Ancheta, Courtney May Robertson, Argil & Hassani, Dane Badal, Dalton Jansen, Rianto, Joseph Simon, Marcel Schwald & Chris Leuenberger, Loic Perela, Paolo Mangiola, ARIAH LESTER, Marta & Kim, Rodia Vomvolou, Giorgia Nardin, Greta Magnini, Lloyd Marengo, MOSCHINI/POPALL, Ashleigh Musk, Monica Munoz, Bufo Makmal and many more.

Illustration: Marie Gourdain

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