Merel Heering

Dance dramaturgy, facilitation & alignment coaching

Merel Heering

Dance dramaturgy, facilitation & alignment coaching

Trainings & Talks

Do you share my wish to create more ethically just working cultures in the arts? Let’s collaborate!

Through trainings and talks, I facilitate spaces to practice dramaturgical and social skills. I do not have a set format. I always work in dialogue and in response to the learning goals, curiosities or challenges you would like to unpack. Those can be topics or themes within the field or within your own creation, community or organisation, on either a personal or a systemic, structural level. 

My aim is always to spark, develop and strengthen a learning attitude towards the issue at hand and develop a practice around it together. Developing and maintaining a learning attitude is at the heart of my work as dance dramaturge, facilitator and alignment coach. It is an attitude that gives us agility. 

In every training or talk I share tools that can immediately be applied in your day-to-day. I am a practioner at heart.

All trainings and talks are rooted in the conviction that in order to work with change and move through challenges, both our bodies and our minds need to be set in motion. I therefore always offer both physical tasks and formats for conversation. Within the safe environment of our collaboration, we practice embodied learning and accountability together, on a heart-level.

Illustration: Marie Gourdain

You can approach me for trainings and talks both in a one-on-one setting and in conference, group and team settings. 

If you would like to know more about what I can do for you, please contact me via
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